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Last updated: January 16, 2015


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February 2015 Meeting Notice

Real-Time Broadcast Video Services over the
Internet using MPEG-DASH


Tuesday, February 17, 2015  


6:15 PM Refreshments, 6:45 PM Meeting  


Rocky Mountain PBS/KRMA, 1089 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204  


Real-Time Broadcast Video Services
over the Internet using MPEG-DASH  


Bart Schade, President and CTO, Path 1  


Sandwiches, chips, sodas and cookies will be provided.  

Mr. Schade will discuss the technology behind the new Internet video streaming standard MPEG DASH and how it contrasts to traditional real-time broadcast video transport standards. For those wanting advance information, see Bart's recently released white paper “Real-Time Broadcast Video Services over the Internet using MPEG-DASH” available on the Path 1 Web site,

MPEG-DASH is also the technology behind Path 1's new PiXiE codec. PiXiE was developed for broadcasters who want to easily, reliably and economically transport real time video over the public Internet. The name "PiXiE" is derived from Path 1 eXchange Encoder. PiXiE is a contribution encoder and decoder pair supporting SD/HD SDI, MPEG-4 AVC video and HE-AAC/AAC-LC audio compression, and pass-through audio. PiXiE also supports closed captions and VANC data.

Following the presentation we will use a PiXiE decoder to show how easy it is to pull video from a remotely located PiXiE encoder. We will need an Internet connection for this.

Bart Schade is the President and CTO of Path 1, a San Diego firm specializing in the manufacture and sale of broadcast video transport gateways and codecs. Bart has been on the San Diego engineering R&D treadmill for 30 years including stints with SAIC and EG&G. Initially working on optical weapons systems he made the transition to broadcast video in 2000 with Path 1 Network Technologies. Since then he has been hard at work inventing and evangelizing new and creative ways to transport IP Video.

Parking is available in the KRMA lot on Bannock Street

We would like to thank Burst Communications for sponsoring the refreshments for this meeting.

Jim Schoedler,
SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section Chairman

Shane Toven,
Chairman, SBE Chapter 48



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