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June 1998

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The May 1998 Meeting
Upcoming Events
SBE Adpots Youth Membership Program
Amateur Radio News
1998 SBE Certification Exam
Remembering Charlie Hallinan
SBE Guide to Writing Broadcast Station Operations Manual Release
Some Thoughts on Safety...
The SBE Bookstore
SMPTE Membership Highlights
Ennes Scholarship Application Deadline Approachig
DTV Data and Deadlines
Seattle to Host 1998 SBE National Meeting


The May 1998 Meeting

Our May gathering was held on Wednesday, the 20th at Itelco, USA in suburban Westminster.

Be sure to join us on Wednesday, June 17 at 12:00 noon at the National Digital Television Center at 4100 East Dry Creek Road. Following lunch in the cafeteria and a brief business meeting, on hand will be Dave Hershberger from Continental Electronics to talk about the "Use of DSP in Radio and Television Transmission". See you there!

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Upcoming Events

10-13 June Cable Tech Expo, SCTE show downtown draws 3000-5000 cable guys.

Wednesday - 17 June - Continental Electronics -- Use of DSP in Radio and TV Transmission - Dave Hershberger, Principal Engineer, CEC. 12:00 Noon at NDTC.

Wednesday - 22 July -- Lookout Mountain Picnic -- 3rd Annual

19 August - William Zou of GI will present an encoder for ATSC DTV application, and explain how they handle HDTV, and SDTV, including modulating the DTV 8VSB signal.

16 September - AES/EBU AC-3 5.1 Blow Out. Sony Primary Sponsor.

21 October - Quantel - Brad Torr (remember him from DYMA days?) presents the Quantel solution for transporting and otherwise working on digital TV in the DTV broadcast station. 12:00 Noon at NDTC.

18 November - Elections SBE - VAC (Video Accessories Corporation) New facility in Louisville tour. Time TBA.

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SBE Adopts Youth Membership Program

At their recent meeting in Las Vegas, the Board of Directors of SBE approved a new youth membership category and program, with the long range goal of increasing the flow of young people into the field of Broadcast Engineering. The program will utilize a combination of educational information and contact with broadcast engineers in the field to encourage young people in the 9th through 12th grades who are already showing an interest in broadcasting's technical fields. Students involved in high school based broadcast facilities, amateur radio clubs and career clubs will be targeted for the new program. Each of SBE's 103 chapters is encouraged to hold at least one 'Student Night' chapter meeting each year. Students will be able to see a broadcast facility up close and learn first hand what broadcast engineers do from SBE members.

With the implementation of the Youth Membership program, SBE hopes it will help cause a measurable increase over time in the number of qualified persons wishing to make Broadcast Engineering their chosen career. The program is offered at low cost for students and will be supported by stations and manufacturers that have a vested interest in ensuring that an ample supply of qualified people will be readily available to hire in the future.

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Amateur Radio News

Tom Weeden, WJ9H / Chapter 24

The FCC has suggested several rules changes that could affect Amateur Radio, including replacement of the venerable FCC Form 610. Among the proposed changes: to require applicants and licensees to supply a taxpayer identification number (TIN), and to file electronically. The FCC also plans to consolidate the application procedures for all Wireless Telecommunications Services into a single set of rules.

Hams in the Gainesville, Georgia, area responded quickly in March after a tornado struck northeastern Georgia. The Lanierland Amateur Radio Club (LARC) and Hall County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) handled what LARC President Terry Jones, K4FB, called "a massive amount of radio traffic." With power out, and cellular telephone systems overloaded and unusable, the LARC UHF repeater's autopatch was pressed into service to make emergency phone calls until normal telephone service was restored.

Amateur Radio's advanced satellite system known as "Phase 3D" is angling for "standby" status aboard the European Space Agency's Ariane 503 rocket in late spring or early summer. Although there is no firm date for the launch of the satellite, construction is nearly finished. The Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) recently released a statement saying, "After successfully recovering from the setbacks caused by the major structural reworks of last summer and fall, the spacecraft is now once again rapidly nearing flight readiness." The satellite will offer transponders on several amateur bands up to 24 GHz.

(Excerpts from April 1998 "QST" and the March 27 "ARRL Letter" from the American Radio Relay League)

SBE CHAPTER OF THE AIR: HamNet meets the second Sunday of each month at 0000 GMT on 14.205 MHz. Hal Hostetler WA7BGX is the Control Station.

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1998 SBE Certification Exam

Register today to take a SBE Certification Exam. See the chart below for exam registration deadlines and exam dates. For more information about SBE Certification, see your Chapter Certification Chairman or contact Linda Godby-Emerick, Certification Director at the SBE National Office at (317) 253-1640.

Exam Date(s)             Location                 App. Deadline

Nov. 13-23, 1998       Local Chapters             Sept. 25, 1998

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Remembering Charlie Hallinan

Charles "Charlie" Hallinan, 79, died Wednesday, April 22 in Binghamton, New York after a long illness. Charlie was a radio engineer and consultant to over 40 radio stations during his career and was instrumental in the beginnings of WKOP and WINR in Binghamton. He was one of six original steering committee members that organized the Society of Broadcast Engineers in 1964 and served as SBE's second President from 1966 to 1968. He was founder and long time Chairman of SBE Chapter 1 in Binghamton.

Contributions in his memory may be made to the Ennes Educational Scholarship Fund, 8445 Keystone Crossing, Suite 140, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

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SBE Guide To Writing Broadcast Stations Operations Manuals Release

SBE has released another publication that many broadcast engineers and managers will find useful. The "SBE Guide To Writing Broadcast Stations Operations Manuals," is written by Fred Baumgartner, CPBE. Fred is a past national board member of SBE and has served as Chief Engineer at KDVR-TV Denver and WTTV-TV Indianapolis. He has also been chief at WIBA radio in Madison, Wisconsin and KHOW radio in Denver. Fred is now with TCI at the National Digital Television Center in Colorado.

The "Guide" is a comprehensive collection of operator's manuals, technical guides, employee handbooks, job descriptions, evaluations, contracts and sample letters. It provides a great basis to write your own station operations manual. To save you even more time and money, the book comes with many of the sample forms, contracts and guidelines on a 3.5" disc so you may easily modify them to your own specific needs.

The price for the "Guide," including the disc, is $69 for SBE members. Non- member price is $89. All orders must include $2.00 shipping per book. Orders from Indiana addresses must add 5% sales tax.

To order, call the SBE National Office at (317) 253-1640. You may fax your request to SBE at (317) 253-0418. Payment by credit card or check must accompany orders. Send mail orders to: Operations Manuals, Society of Broadcast Engineers, 8445 Keystone Crossing, Suite 140, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

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Some Thoughts on Safety...

With the recent stories about the hantavirus showing up in area publications, we thought it might be useful to pass along some information from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. I'm sure any broadcast engineer will be able to apply the following to their work situations.

Use caution when cleaning out a cabin, barn, shed or outbuilding (like generator rooms, AM tuning houses, etc.). Let the structure air out for 30 minutes before entering.

If dead or trapped mice, nests or droppings are found, saturate them with a mixture of a half-cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

While wearing rubber gloves, pick up the saturated materials and put them in a plastic bag. Be careful not to touch mouth or nose with contaminated gloves. After sealing the materials in a second bag, dispose of them in an outdoor garbage can, bury them or take them to a landfill.

Disinfect gloves with bleach and water BEFORE removing. Wash your hands after.

Remove any brush piles on the property, observing the cautions above.

Plug any holes in walls, or around pipes and vents with sheet metal.

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The SBE Book Store

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, in conjunction with CRC Press, Inc., McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group, Focal Press, Prentice Hall, and other publishers have made it possible for SBE members to purchase the best industry resources at up to 20% off the retail price. This collection of books is authored by the most outstanding group of experts in the industry. Following is a partial list with descriptions of the resources SBE has put at your fingertips.

A Handbook of Circuit Mathematics for Technical Engineers by Libbey
Interconnecting Electronic Systems by Whitaker/Desantis/Paulson
AC Power Systems Handbook by Whitaker
Pocket Book of Integrals and Mathematical Formulas, 2nd Edition by Tallarida
Maintaining Electronic Systems by Whitaker
Fiber Optic Communications By Green
The Mobile Communications Handbook by Gibson
The Electronics Handbook by Whitaker
The Electrical Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition by Dorf - 1997
The Engineering Handbook on CD-ROM by Dorf

For ordering information, contact:

8445 Keystone Crossing #140
Indianapolis, IN 46240-2454
(317)-253 0418

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SMPTE Membership Highlights

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of SMPTE is pleased to welcome Charles Ballard, Ron Beyers, Margaret Durham, Joy Fogleberg, and Carole Hogan as new members.

On the other hand, we'd like to find some old friends. If you see Mark Brauer, Jurgen Brommelhoff, Seth Heller, William Helms, Wayne Koester, David Layne, Arnold Lund, Eugene Parrish, Altaf Rahman, John Reuter, Jean Sanders, Eric Schwartz, Dom Stasi, Mark Timpany, or Glen Turpin, please point them back home... the SMPTE home office thinks they've left...

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Ennes Scholarship Application Deadline Approaching

From Douglas W. Garlinger, CPBE
Trustee, Ennes Educational Foundation Author

Current trends in the communications industry reveal that broadcast engineering talent is in very short supply. The Ennes Educational Foundation Trust is prepared to offer some additional assistance. The Ennes Educational Foundation Trust is pleased to announce that two scholarships in the amount of $3000 per award will be distributed for the 1998-1999 academic school year. The Harold Ennes Scholarship and The Robert Greenberg scholarships will be awarded to applicants with a career interest in the technical aspects of broadcasting. After application is made the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust Scholarship Committee will review each application and make the selections. Here is where we need for your help. Please pass the word to individuals you feel would qualify and benefit from these scholarships. Please note that applications must be submitted by the July 1st deadline date. On behalf of the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust I thank you for your assistance.

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DTV Data and Deadlines

Chapter 20

Joe Zuba from Dielectric Communications gave a great presentation entitled "RF Considerations For DTV". According to Joe, you can increase your DTV ERP to 200 kW and you can use electrical beam tilting to further increase your power if you do not cause more than a 2% increase in interference to nearby stations. The exception is that a nearby station cannot receive any more than 10% total interference; if they are at that level of interference and your increase in power will cause them additional interference, then you may not raise power.

Some of the problems that still remain with DTV are that the signal is line of sight, an outdoor antenna will be necessary and currently there are no receiver standards. What is the broadcaster to do next? If you haven't yet evaluated your tower or set up a date with a rigging crew, Joe suggests that you should do this now. Good tower crews are being booked up to two years in advance. If you wait until the last minute, there may not be a crew available.

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Seattle To Host 1998 Sbe National Meeting

The SBE Board of Directors has accepted the invitation of Chapter 16 to hold the 1998 SBE National Meeting in conjunction with the Electronic Media Expo, October 28-29 in Seattle, Washington. The Electronic Media Expo is the largest SBE sponsored regional exhibit and educational event in the country, both in terms of attendance and number of exhibitors. Events included in the National Meeting will be the Annual Membership Meeting, Awards Dinner, Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Fellows Breakfast. A full day of Ennes Workshops are also being planned for the day preceding the show. >> 6/17/98 20:18

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