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September 2000

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An Invitation to the SBE & SMPTE Meeting In October
The August 2000 Meeting
Upcoming Meetings And Happenings
Job Postings
Top FCC Delays Auction
Rome Talk
Clay's Corner
Novell's Battle Cry: Long Live NetWare!

An Invitation to the SBE & SMPTE Meeting In October

From Rome Chelsi, SMPTE section Chair

Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2000
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Place: University Club, 16th & Sherman, Downtown Denver
Buffet Dinner & No-host Cocktails
SBE/SMPTE Member/Spouse Event Cost: $15.00 per person - guests are invited
Non-member Event Cost: $25.00

The October gathering will be a reception honoring one of our local industry veterans; Myron Oliner, former Director of Engineering - KUSA. Those that have had the pleasure of working with Myron over the years know that he has been a tremendous asset to the Denver broadcasting community. His dedication and efforts have been exemplary throughout his career until his retirement from KUSA earlier this year.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Myron through several local SMPTE administrations and am pleased that the societies can honor him for the dedication and support he provided.

We wish to thank the following sponsors for their assistance in putting on this event:

Telestream Corporation Sony Corporation
Leitch Corporation
Ensemble Designs

Please send your checks and the names of attendees to:
Fred Baumgartner
AT&T Digital Media Center
4100 E. Dry Creek Rd.
Littleton, CO 80122

Event receipts will be provided at the door. Please mark the outside of the envelope "SMPTE". Future events: http://www.broadcast.net/sbechap.html

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The August 2000 Meeting

8-16-00 SBE/SMPTE meeting hosted by Burst Communications.

We want to express our appreciation to Kirk Basefsky at Burst for hosting and for the great lunch. Ron Vincent brought the meeting to order and discussed SBE's most recent financial statement analysis, and discussed the new Broadcast Networking Technologist certification. Reference was also made to upcoming SBE regional conventions and their listing at the SBE.org website. There was no business from the floor. Kirk Basefsky introduced the Leader representatives Tony Walker, Leader regional sales manager, and Joe Fisher, Leader Production Marketing Manager. Also featured was Hans-Christian Molstrand, Product Manager for ProTeleVision Technologies who has product being marketed by Leader. Joe Fisher discussed and demonstrated how their LV5152DA HDTV Digital WFM and LV5836B Surround Audio Monitor operated. The LV5152DA has many features - WFM, Vectorscope, Picture display and Stereo monitoring. This unit displays 14 different digital serial A & B input signal formats. Also discussed was Leader's LF982 signal level meter which measures signal levels for VHF/UHF/FM, digital and satellite operations. Weighs in at 4.4 lbs and is only 8 1/2 in. X 3 7/8 in. X 8 1/4 in. Great price too. Leader also had other equipment on display.

Hans-Christian Molstrand with ProTeleVision Technologies featured a "Compact Vari Time Sync Generator", model PT5201. This unit can provide simultaneously a dual standard, Pal/625 and NTSC/525. It will also allow timing of audio and video. The PT201 uses windows PC interface and in addition is an analog and SDI test signal generator with 24 different signals and a AES/EBU audio generator with digital test tones and also an analog generator. ProTeleVision Technologies is open to the wants and needs of the industry and welcomes your input. The PT5201 is very small(1/2 rack) and comes with a very impressive price. Thanks to Leader and ProTeleVision for their efforts.

Chairmans's corner : It is once more that time of year when opportunities to participate in SBE is welcomed. SBE chapter elections are offered in October/November. We wish to keep the October gathering informal, so if anyone is interested in filling a position or would like to nominate a person for an officer position, please advise either myself, Bill Harris or Fred Baumgartner. We will be open to nominations at the November meeting and we will conduct the elections at the November meeting as well.

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Upcoming Meetings And Happenings

September 22, 2000 (Friday) Deadline to apply to take an SBE Certification Exam during the November 10-20 local window.

October 11th University Club reception honoring Myron Oliner - Don Perez has confirmed that Myron will be there. Don is assembling some historical items on Myron's career for the event. Sponsored by Leitch, Sony, Ensemble Designs and Telestream (so far).

...and we're STILL working on: a tour of the new KDVR Fox 31 studios in Denver, a tour of the new mostly digital Clear Channel radio studios. Stay tuned!

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Job Postings

As a service to SBE/SMPTE membership, technology positions in the Rocky Mtn. region are posted at no charge. Please send your posting to:

Rome Chelsi

SoftWright LLC

We presently have a job opening for a person to work in software support. We are NOT looking for an engineer, but somone who is computer literate and has the ability to do customer service type assistance software support. To see the details, click on http://www.softwright.com/supportjob.html. Although you might not be personally interetsted in this job, please forward this link to anyone you know who might be interested in this opportunity. Thanks very much!

Larry D. Ellis, President
SoftWright LLC

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Top FCC Delays Auction

By Tom Smith, Chapter 24

On July 31st, the FCC announced they were delaying the start of the auction for the 747-762 and 777-792 MHz bands to March 6, 2001. This delay is due to fear by the FCC that the auction would not get the amount of money that Congress is expecting. This is because the FCC has not come up with rules to aid negotiations between broadcasters who currently occupy the spectrum and the winners of the auction. Potential bidders have suggested that the spectrum would be of less value because it would be limited with broadcasters still using part of it. Many of the stations that occupy TV channels 60-69 are in large markets where spectrum is tighter and more valuable. Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt has suggested that the broadcasters on channels 60-69 be forced to give up the channels and accept guaranteed carriage on cable. In fact, Mr. Hundt has suggested to make room for new wireless data services, the FCC should turn to the UHF TV spectrum on channels 14 through 69. Needless to say, the National Association of Broadcasters does not agree with Hundt. In an article in WIRELESS WEEK, Sprint, Nextel, and AT&T were quoted as have enough unused spectrum to provide for new services for up to 10 years. From FCC Release (www.fcc.gov), Wall Street Journal, and WIRELESS WEEK (www.wirelessweek.com)

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Rome Talk

From Rocky Mountain SMPTE chair Rome Chelsi:

SMPTE Members! Does HQ Have Your Current E-Mail Address

If you are not getting email notifications about local chapter activities, it is because you either do not have or have an incorrect email address on file with SMPTE. Please send your current email address to Daureen Matera at SMPTE HQ : dmatera@smpte.org. SMPTE then advises us of the change. You also should send updates to Rome Chelsi, Section Chair at romec@compuserve.com.

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Clay's Corner

Featuring News, Rumors and Views From Usually Reliable and Irrefutable Sources
By Clay Freinwald, Chapter 16, Seattle

Ever wonder where the women are in our business? Why is it that there are so few of the female gender in Broadcast Engineering? In a recent news report that question was asked of some high school girls...one of them responded that she did not want to work with a bunch of GEEKY guys! (Guess what we are?) According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, there are some 800,000 information technology jobs going begging for lack of workers. The bad news is that the number of women getting degrees in computer and information technology fields is growing smaller (now estimated to be less than 28% of the total, it was 37 percent in 1985). IBM is trying to change things by offering summer computer camps open only to girls. But back to the original question, what about women in Broadcast Engineering. From the looks of things there is no reason why they could not do the work, the pay is better than many classic female occupations. So what is it? Perhaps we have not gotten over the notion that if Sally shows interest in math and science that she is to be discouraged and given a dolly and told to forget those things.

Have you been following the power situation? Energy Secretary Bill Richardson recently said that we are in danger of having electrical power failures due to the lack of capacity (guess too many folks have moved south and bought air conditioners) A power blackout would certainly have a major impact on any industry that depends on electric power to operate...gee could this mean Broadcasting?. Makes one wonder about the wisdom of increasing the fuel storage capacity of that AuxGenSet. Already some industries are shutting down due to high electric costs...could we be included in this? Perhaps broadcasters would jump at the chance to cut their power by....say.... 3 dB just to help the cause...WANNA BET?

In the world of DAB a lot of folks are jumping for joy as the two major players in developing an In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) system have FINALLY joined forces. This Digital Radio "Grand Alliance" of USADR and Lucent will be called iBiquity Digital (I have no idea of where they got that one). Needless to say this will go a long way toward getting the long talked about system moving forward. I sat in on a session at the last NAB where the FCC made it pretty clear that they felt that this was the next step. Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be an interesting time. By the way there are some investors in this endeavor whose names might ring a bell....Entercom and Viacom/Infinity.

Didja hear that Hollywood Video is going to open some stores that carry ONLY DVD's? They are saying that the end of the VHS format is in sight. Just like the CD replaced vinyl and the Minidisc is replacing audio cassette; perhaps the DVD will end the reign of one of the last pieces of analog recording equipment.

How about the IBM 1 GB Microdrive. This critter is pretty impressive. It will sell for just under 500 bucks, hold 1 GB of data, and withstand a 1,500 G shock and fits in the same storage slot as a flash card. Data storage is extremely dense...like 15.2 billion bits per square inch...whew. Moores Law, for those of you that have not heard, states the number of transistors that can be crammed onto a chip of silicon doubles roughly every 18 months. The makers of disc storage equipment are leading that race.

Here's a good use for that laser pointer. Modulate it and use it for communications. This is just what a group in Southern California recently did. They took an ordinary 1/2 MW. Pointer, mounted it in a tube, and used an attached rifle scope for aiming and presto...a communications transmitter. The pointer was powered by a 35 kHz oscillator that was modulated by the mic audio netting about 5 kHz deviation (Yep FM) The demod was a photo detector whose output was heterodyned to be detectable on a standard 2 meter receiver. Pretty cool huh? Check out the June/August 73 Magazine for more details. I was thinking about RPU applications...hmmmm.

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Novell's Battle Cry: Long Live Netware!

by Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet News

The file-and-print workhorse has a future, claims Big Red. Novell's updated goal: To make NetWare the best hosting operating system out there. Novell Inc. may be attempting to hitch a ride on the Net services bandwagon, but it isn't abandoning its operating system heritage in the process. So proclaimed company executives intent on dispelling any notions that NetWare is dead. To prove the operating system is alive and kicking, Novell has officially unveiled its NetWare roadmap and talked up plans for NetWare 5.X and NetWare 6. "In the past, we have thought like engineers -- ship a product and be done with it," said Jim Tanner, director of NetWare product management. But in recent months, Novell has restaffed and rethought how to do product management, Tanner added. Novell's bold claims "Our message is when you lead with what customers need, NetWare follows," Tanner said. "We're going after our installed base and telling them we've got more than just upgrades. We have a plan for you." Such statements may not sound revolutionary, but for a company that's spent the past year undecided as to whether to distance itself from its file-and-print workhorse product, these are bold claims.

Novell has a new, four-point vision for NetWare. And it's all about storage, Tanner said. When it comes to network operating systems, Novell will focus on: Making sure the Net experience goes wherever users are; Understanding that location and type of storage is fast becoming irrelevant to customers; Operating under the assumption that around-the-clock availability is driving corporations; and Behaving as if operating system purchases are now business, not technology, decisions.

Making file and print sexy, Novell is attempting to position NetWare as "the most secure and reliable platform for hosting Net services," according to its roadmap. "We're going to start talking up file and print again," said Tanner. "We have a $1 billion business built around this. And we're adding to it, with storage and (server) consolidation." To that end, Novell has a number of NetWare 5.X extensions in the works. This year, it expects to add an IP enhancement pack and file protocol enhancement pack to its NetWare 5.1 lineup. A full NetWare 5.X refresh isn't due out until Q3 2001, however. On the NetWare 6 (code-named "Six Pack") front, Novell is targeting mid-2001 for its first release. A datacenter-centric NetWare This will be the version of NetWare aimed squarely at the datacenter, as it will include symmetric multiprocessing and clustering capabilities.

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