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September 1998

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The August Meeting
Chapter 48's Next Meeting
1998 SBE / SMPTE / SCTE Meeting Schedule
Sbe Announces Awards
Rocky Mountain Film and Video Expo Spotlights Region's Growing Importance
Ennes Trust Awards Given
KSDS Agrees to 3 kW Tests
Youth Program Is Underway

The August Meeting

Our meeting this month was held on Wednesday, August 19, 1998 at the National Digital Television Center at 4100 East Dry Creek Road.

Following dutch treat lunch in the TCI cafeteria, the group relocated to a meeting area for the business meeting and the program.

Wayne Wicks has accepted the role as Denver's Frequency Coordinator. Wayne can be reached at 303-486-3800. He'll be gathering any information from the various past instances of frequency coordination. Remember the current data is available on the chapter Web Site.. or better yet, look to for a good route to this chapter's news and information.

William Zou of GI covered the General Instruments approach to digital television encoding, transport (as in STL) and modulation. Special attention was paid to their architecture, AC-3, surround sound, and on-the-fly reconfiguration.

Our thanks to Mr. Zou for his time.

The next meeting is 16 September starting at 9:30. The 3rd Annual Technology Seminar will cover things digital audio primarily, please put it on your calendar and keep an eye open to the notices. Please send your E-mail address to Fred Baumgartner at so that he might get you on the E-mail list, for up-to-the-minute updates.

See you there!

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Chapter 48's Next Meeting...

...will be held on Wednesday, September 16, 1998. Meeting location will be at the National Digital Television Center. The registration fee of $15.00 is waived for all SBE/SMPTE members.

Note: This is a sepcial monthly program with a start time of 9:30 AM!

This month will be an in-depth look at AES/EBU, AC-3 & 5.1 surround-sound audio formats. SONY is the primary sponsor. Scheduled speakers include Randy Hall from nVision, Keith Kelly of General Instruments, Steve Lyman of Dolby Laborotories and Mark Gray, CEO and Founder of Pluto Technologies.

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1998 SBE / SMPTE / SCTE Meeting Schedule

16 September - AES/EBU AC-3 5.1 Blow Out. Sony Primary Sponsor. NDTC, 4100 East Dry Creek.

21 October - Quantel - Brad Torr (remember him from DYMA days?) presents the Quantel solution for transporting and otherwise working on digital TV in the DTV broadcast station. 12:00 Noon at NDTC.

18 November - Elections SBE - VAC (Video Accessories Corporation) New facility in Louisville tour. Time TBA.

Elsewhere On The Calendar

September 25 (Friday) Deadline to apply to take an SBE Certification test during the November 13-23 local window.

October 14-17 (Wednesday-Saturday) NAB Radio Convention, Seattle.

October 26-28 (Monday-Wednesday) SBE Chap 16 Electronic Media Expo, and SBE National Convention, Meydenbauer Center, 11100 NE 6th úStree t, Bellevue, WA.

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Sbe Announces Awards

The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) has announced winners of its annual awards program. Leonard Charles, CPBE has been named "Broadcast Engineer of the Year" by the Society. He is the information services administrator for Television Wisconsin, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin. Charles has served on a number of SBE Chapter 24 committees as well as having held the offices of Vice Chair and Chair. On the national level, Charles is completing his second two- year term as a member of the SBE Board of Directors. He is the current chairman of the National SBE EAS Committee and has led SBE's effort to help the FCC create a meaningful and effective EAS system.

Richard A. Farquhar, CPBE has been named "Educator of the Year" for his efforts as educational director of the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust Education Committee. He has planned and presented a number of Ennes Workshops including those at NAB '97 in Las Vegas, Nevada; Louisville, Kentucky; Syracuse, New York; and Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama. The one-day workshops focus on current issues facing broadcast engineers and ways to implement new broadcasting technology. Farquhar has served as the educational director for three years and is a former two-term SBE National President. He is the president of RAF Associates, Inc. in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Winners of the following awards were also announced:

Best Regional Convention or Conference
20th Annual Electronic Media Expo '97, Seattle, Washington.
Sponsored by SBE Chapter 16

Best SBE Chapter Newsletter
Chapter 16, Seattle, Washington
Editor: John Forbes

Best SBE Chapter Frequency Coordination Effort
Chapter 24, Madison, Wisconsin
Frequency Coordinator: Tom Smith

Best Article, Paper or Program by a Student Member
Total Quality Management in the Education of Broadcasting
Jeffrey Giesberg of Dumont, New Jersey

Best Technical Article or Program
Introduction to DTV RF by Douglas W. Garlinger of Westfield, Indiana

Most Certified SBE Chapter
Recognizing the chapter with the greatest percentage of members certified by SBE
Chapter 126, Saipan
Chapter Chairman: David Morais, CBRE

Highest Member Attendance at SBE Chapter Meetings
Recognizing the chapter with the highest average percentage of members in attendance at chapter meetings
Chapter 126, Saipan
Chapter Chairman: David Morais, CBRE

SBE Chapter with the Greatest Growth in New Members
Recognizing the chapter with the greatest percentage growth of new members during the year
Chapter 127, Southwest Florida
Chapter Chairman: G. Wayne Phillips, CPBE

Awards will be presented during the 1998 Electronic Media Expo and SBE National Meeting on October 28, 1998 in Bellevue, Washington.

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Rocky Mountain Film and Video Expo Spotlights Region's Growing Importance

The film and video industry that helped the world focus on Colorado over the past year will hold its annual exposition in Denver in Octover.

Colorado was host to some of the biggest media stories of 1997 and now Denver is preparing to host the region's largest exposition for the industry that brought those events to life--the Rocky Mountain Film & Video Expo '98: Tools and Toys for Creative Success, scheduled for October 14th and 15th at the John Q. Hammonds Convention Center.

The expo will feature over 150 exhibitors displaying the latest in equipment and technology.

For more information, contact Mark Cramer at ExpoMasters at 303-771-2000, FAX 303-843-6232.

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Ennes Trust Awards Given

The Ennes Educational Foundation Trust has awarded two broadcast engineering scholarships named in honor of Harold E. Ennes and Robert D. Greenberg.

Receiving the $3,000 Harold E. Ennes Scholarship is Alex Roman of Goleta, California. Roman is a sophomore and will be transferring from Santa Barbara City College to the University of California. He is currently employed at KVEN/KHAY/KBBY in Ventura, California and also works with stations KHTY and KMGQ. Roman intends to work full time as a radio station engineer.

Awarded the $3,000 Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship is Skeet Skaalen, of Brookings, South Dakota. Skaalen attends South Dakota State University and is enrolled in the electronics engineering technology program.

The Harold E. Ennes scholarship fund was originated by SBE Chapter 25 in Indianapolis and later given to the National SBE to administer. The fund memorializes the life of SBE member, Harold E. Ennes who was dedicated to the importance of continuing education and authored numerous broadcast operations and engineering textbooks.

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KSDS Agrees to 3 kW Tests

Gary Stigall

Mary Woodworth, Station Manager of KSDS (FM, 88.3 MHz) says she has a reasonable want list: (1) Increase the station's power from 800 watts ERP to 22,000 watts circular polarization, and (2) be done with all the lost time and expense of negotiating with XETV over increasing the station's power. What Bob Anderson, Program Director of XETV Tijuana, wants is for KSDS to not increase interference to their non-cable viewers.

The Mexican Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT), the FCC's International Bureau, Cox Cable and Southwestern Cable, and the stations conducted negotiations via phone for a year, but neither station is having its way.

What KSDS came away with is a Special Field Test Authority, still pending, to allow the station to run at 3 kW ERP vertical polarization from a 200-ft. tower at Mesa College for six months. They're hoping to start tests in mid- September.

From Mary's perspective, a couple of items about the controversy don't add up. She doesn't understand why if XETV wants to reduce interference doesn't it increase its aural power. Currently, XETV runs with a 10:1 visual-to-aural power ratio, somewhat higher than is customary, or at least higher than would be ideal for fending off interference in this situation.

And she doesn't understand why they must negotiate in the first place. "If we all just followed the FCC's rules, there wouldn't be a problem." She contends that there are no rules regulating FM power with respect to a foreign TV station.

Bob Anderson of XETV maintains their station serves two countries. They have broadcast in English as an ABC affiliate, then independent, then as a Fox affiliate. They've had numerous U.S. public service programs on the air through the years. And, as the negotiations themselves prove, are recognized by both countries. He says they also serve Mexico as Tijuana's Fox affiliate. They frequently broadcast in Spanish on their SAP channel. And they constantly broadcast Mexican tourism promotion spots.

Many stations in the U.S. alleviate their channel six/FM adjacency problems by co-locating transmitters to sooth the front-ends of nearby transmitters. Bob says that, unfortunately, this simply can't be worked out with KSDS and XETV. Because of their continuing negotiations, he declined to comment further. During the SFTA period, they will be looking for viewers, especially cable customers in Linda Vista and surrounding areas, who may experience problems due to cable shield leakage.

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Youth Program Is Underway

SBE's new program targeting high school age students officially began August 1st. High school students interested in the technical aspects of broadcasting are invited to become Youth Members. They will receive a special newsletter three times during the school year containing information on school operated stations, post secondary institutions offering broadcast engineering related courses, scholarship information and age appropriate technical articles. Youth Members will also receive other SBE member benefits including discounts on technical books and seminars and access to the SBE Job Line. Annual dues will be just $10. For an application, contact the Membership Department at the SBE National Office at WWW.SBE.ORG or (317) 253-1640.

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